Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display
Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display
Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display
Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display
Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display
Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display
Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display
Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display

Keychain Breathalyzer w/ LCD Display

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#1 Selling Keychain Breathalyzer in the World - Top Rated Breathalyzer Since 2009 - Easy To Use - FAST & ACCURATE Results

  • Instantly Check Your Breath Alcohol Level

  • Self Calibration for the Best Accuracy

  • Discreet Size Fits In Your Pocket or Purse

  • Very Simple To Use and It Always Works

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Why Is Our Keychain Breathalyzer So Popular?

Our breathalyzer is sleek, compact, and considerably less expensive than the professional breathalyzer that require separate mouthpieces and sensors. It is also a reliable device that you can count on to work unlike the cheap, toy-like gadgets sold somewhere online.

Designed with the concepts of simplicity and reliability in mind, the alcohol tester fits easily into a pocket or purse until you need it. Turn it on at the touch of a button and receive your breath alcohol reading in just seconds. The breathalyzer keeps you safe while being convenient and affordable.

Finally You Can Drive Safer On Your Next Night Out
You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a “professional-grade” breathalyzer. Get the same results law enforcement seeks in the top selling breathalyzer in the world for more than $150 off. Invest in your future, protect your life today.

Top 5 Reason You Should Carry A Breathalyzer

  1. YOU RISK losing your license, your car and current insurance plan. Save Thousand of $$$.
  2. YOU RISK paying tens of thousands of dollars in fines and court fees.
  3. YOU RISK spending time in jail with criminals.
  4. YOU RISK getting fired and future employers refusing to hire you after a background check.
  5. YOU RISK permanent crippling yourself or losing your life in a crash.

REMEMBER: It only takes 1 “unlucky” night to change your life forever!

Color: Black
Material: ABS
Digital display results: (% BAC / g/L)

Detection range: 0.000%-0.199% BAC (0.00-1.99g/l)
Mouthpieces: 5 mouthpieces included
Features: Three Digit Digital Display
Power input: 2*AAA battery
Certificate: CE, RoHS
Operating time:warm up:10s response:<5s
Environment temperature:5-40 degrees 


  1. After drinking, it is recommended to wait 20 minutes before testing because alcohol
  2. usually takes about 20 minutes to get into the blood stream from the digestive organs, and residual alcohol in the mouth takes some time to dissipate.
  3. To get the most accurate results, please test at least three minutes between each test.
  4. Do not use benzene,gasoline and thinners cleaning product ingredients with tester .
  5. Do not allow any liquid to penetrate into the sensor.
  6. Due to shipping security laws, this product will be delivery without battery


  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Digital Breath Alcohol Tester (with original box)
  • 5 x Breath inhaler Case 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Absolutley amazing

I'm truly amazed at how consistent the readings are with this thing -when compared with my keto strips. Amazing!!

Awesome for checking Ketosis!

I tried it this morning. Non-keto wife blew 0.00..I blew 0.05. I tested blood ketones at the same time and got 2.4 so..I would say anything over 0.00 would equal some sort of nutritional ketosis.

Great shipping and service

Fun to use at parties and works great

Five Stars

Works as described thanks.

Five Stars

It is fun to take with you to a party, easy to carry around and it works really well.



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